June 24, 2011

Our “little” Garden


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The garden has had a lot of changes recently. It has almost doubled in size and it has grown so much food I am starting to wonder if we can actually eat it. We have had much better luck than last year.  I kind of gave up on the tomato plan last year, but this year the early attention and making sure we are keeping to 1 vertical “vine” really helped us. We have never had so many HUGE tomatoes so early. We have 4-5 softball size super steaks 10-12 tennis ball pineapple tomatoes and even the Sungold mini’s have responded well to the technique. We are really happy with the way that the square foot gardening plan has worked.  The herbs are almost out of control now. We have already harvested around 20 cups of  Basil to make pesto and I think we could do another round in a week or so  We did loose our tomatillos and our corn did not do very well this year. I think it got blocked by the huge basil plant. Next up is finding a good recipe for pickled jalapenos. We should have enough for a couple of pints soon.


garden 2011-04-23 003garden 2011-04-23 025     5/28/2011

garden 2011-05-28 012garden 2011-05-28 014


our little garden 2011-06-23 002our little garden 2011-06-23 003

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