November 27, 2009

wedding part 2, the ceremony

       _D2_0078IMG_8511The ceremony was in a little one room church with a small balcony.  We wanted it too feel like you were at a small intimate gathering. The music was just a simple acoustic guitar at the front of the church. _D2_0253_D2_0171 IMG_0883_D2_0360  Our reading,  A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton, was done by a dear friend. It was something that Scott and I really enjoyed it brought a lighthearted feeling to the ceremony. 

IMG_0915   _D2_0135 IMG_0944_D2_0416 We had a ring warming as part of the ceremony. Each of us had someone at the back of the church hold the rings and a ribbon running from the front of the pews to the back. Our best man and maid of honor held one end of each ribbon and the rings were passed along the ribbon, along with their blessing by everyone sitting the the church. _D2_0461Another part of the ceremony that was truly special was the announcement of our marriage by everyone in the church. Each program had a small section for all of our friends and family to say after we were married. IMG_8604 IMG_8621and then we were married.. and the fun began.IMG_0985IMG_8837

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