November 21, 2009

wedding part 1

IMG_0508The girls and I got ready at my parents house in my sister’s bathroom. Try cramming 5 girls into one small bathroom with one sink and 1 giant mirror and you are sure to have lots of laughter. IMG_0423 



I made these charms for all the girls bouquets. Each one was a picture of a close relative who was not able to be here. I used the tile pendant kit from    on Etsy. Warning : if you are using this kit for bouquet charms be sure to coat the back with a varnish or even clear nail polish. The water from the stems on the bouquets will cause the tile to fall apart and almost melt off of the glass charm. IMG_0384


My ride to and from the ceremony! My dream car since I was 12.


We had 4 different centerpieces for the tables at the reception. One with the candles and paper flowers…



One with small arrangements of flowers and potted herbs for our guests to take home and another with larger arrangements

IMG_1039 Our favor was a photo booth for the guests to use as many times as they wanted. the only requirement was that it also served as our guest book. I would definitely recommend FREEZEFRAME to anyone wanting the same kind of thing for their event. Someone sat with out guests and helped them make the guest book during the reception. It was a the highlight of the night and we still enjoy looking at it.

IMG_1077  IMG_1387 IMG_1223and we had a  candy bar filled with our favorites from when we were  kids… moon pies, twizzlers, peanuts, crackerjacks and caramels


We also had a little basket of goodies for the kids at the wedding.


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