January 11, 2015

Things Lula Likes

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This year Lula has been very interested in painting and drawing and generally creating (best news ever) I can’t pretend that I wasn’t hoping that she would love to make and do so much. I didn’t want to push her in one direction or another and never forced her to go one direction or another. I am so excited that she is so interested in creating, it gives me an opportunity to play like a kid. I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep track of how Lu wants to explore the person that she is becoming this year. We have done comic books and weekly photos. I LOVED the comic book but didn’t push it once she didn’t want to make them anymore.  The weekly photos were really up to us as parents since she couldn’t talk or move for the most part. This year I want Lu to have more say and influence in how we document her life. I want to encourage her to explore who she is in her own way.

The past month or so Lu has become very interested in taking pictures of things, not people or herself but things around her. Today I decided to just let her roam around the kitchen and take pictures of whatever she liked. It was a moment I didn’t think of too much or think would amount to anything. I was cooking and putting things away and she was a little bit in the way. It gave me a few minutes to get things organized so I could actually pay 100% attention to her. A funny thing happened once I showed her how to use the camera, she was so intentional in what she took pictures of. She didn’t just walk up to anything and point the camera at it, she walked around everything and looked for the right angle and the right place to take each photo. I stopped what I was doing just to watch her. Sometimes I am so in awe of the amazing little person she is becoming.

This year Lu is going to document herself. I’m going to give her a camera once or twice a month, maybe more maybe less, and let her do whatever she wants. Maybe we will go on a trip to the beach or a museum or a garden or maybe it will just be hanging out at the house. I’m going to let her take the lead and show me how she sees things and how she wants to remember this year.  Introducing Lula’s first photographs untouched and handpicked by her.


Things Lula Likes

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The Kitchen Series

January 2015

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