January 19, 2014

Canning Plan 2014

2014-01-15 12.13.21

Last year we made a wish list of what we thought would be great to can. We mostly looked through cookbooks and magazines to see what was actually able to be canned then just wrote down which recipe we wanted to try. We have kept track of what we used to most of and what we need to make more of this year and we still have a few jars that we just never really got around to trying. There were some things that sounded great but we either haven’t gotten around to eating or can’t figure out how to use yet. We kept this list in a tiny little notebook and I added notes as we tried things or if we needed to make more.

This year we are talking a slightly different approach and we made a list that includes things that we know we love to use and definitely need to make more of as well as things we found we bought a lot of and want to try canning at home and things that we just want to try out. Some things are just a type of food like kumquats or stock, others are new techniques like pressure canning or marmalade. I also started a new journal that is a bit more substantial than a little 3x4 notebook tucked in our canning cabinet. I am hoping to use it to expand on things we have already canned so that once we try them I can add little ideas. Like that our peach pie filling was delicious and smelled like summer when we opened it but maybe next year we should increase the ginger or add crystalized ginger before it goes in the oven to get some extra bite.

I want to try to focus on something new every month this year. Either a type of food like citrus or maybe a technique like pickling for the whole month and see what we can come up with. Join in if you are interested, or let me know if you have any ideas. I’ll try just about anything.  Our canning wish list for 2014 is here.

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