November 8, 2012

Lula turns 2


This past weekend or little one turned 2. We had a party planned but Sandy had some other plans for us. We decided to cancel the party to keep everyone safe and dry at home. We still had everything ready so we decided to have the party with just the 3 of us! Lula’s party was all about the number 2 this year. There was 2 of everything.. 2 kinds juices, 2 kinds cupcakes, 2 kinds of chicken, 2 kinds of hotdogs, 2 kinds of grapes, 2 kinds of dip and pita chips and 2 kinds of cheez-its.  All of her Lula’s favorite special snacks.


The three of us had a great time and in the end we gave Lula her birthday present. I found an old Holly Hobby kitchen set at a yard sale for $10 and spent about a month remodeling it. I found a tea set and some pots and pans and it was good as new.. we think she likes it!



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