August 4, 2011

Happy 40th Week!


first long trip 2011-08-02 017pancakes 2011-07-31 001

sleepy lu 2011-07-30 004the triplets 2011-08-03 014

You have had a lot of firsts this week. We took our first LONG car trip to NY this week to visit your aunt Kristin and Uncle Joe. We spent 10 hours in the car and you were super good until the last hour when we were all ready to be out of the car. You took your first nap on your dad in 8 1/2 months. You had your first pancakes this past weekend, blueberry lemon seems to be your pancake of choice. You also had your first play date with your cousins Khloe, Kellen and Logan in NY. You and Khloe had a lot of fun together!

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