May 26, 2011

Happy 30th Week Lula!


week 29 2011-05-22 187

Watch out  Lula’s on the move!!!!!

week 29 2011-05-22 188

week 29 2011-05-22 189

week 29 2011-05-22 190

week 29 2011-05-22 191

week 29 2011-05-22 192

This week you have surprised us in a lot of ways! You are definitely beginning to crawl. We never doubted that you could get around your own way but we actually saw you on the move! You had your first solid food this week and tried your hand at eating some sweet potato puffs and you have started to vocalize your hunger by not only crying but saying babababa! You have also started to start to say dadadada a lot! You also went strawberry picking for the first time this weekend. Looks like we are in for an interesting summer.

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