April 29, 2011

6 Months and Counting

lu's big day 2011-04-28 024

Yesterday I took the day off and Lula stayed home with me to celebrate her big birthday. My plan was to spend the day outside in the yard, but with the storms and rain yesterday we stayed inside instead.  We went out in the morning to run a few errands and then came home to make a special treat for the day…

lu's big day 2011-04-28 120We made two  small red velvet layer cakes and a special treat that Lula could actually enjoy. Steamed carrots and butternut squash with cinnamon, thanks to Lula’s Aunt Kris who gave us our very own Beaba babycook for Christmas last year. It was definitely a hit and after a day of playing in the kitchen Lula was ready for bed a bit early and had her bath and went to bed a bit earlier than usual around 5:15.

lu's big day 2011-04-28 123lu's big day 2011-04-28 131

Then it was time for Scott and I to give ourselves a little pat on the back for making it through our first 6 months of being parents,  my going back to work at a less than ideal schedule and still having a happy, smiling baby!

big day 2011-04-28 009big day 2011-04-28 002


Sarah said...

1. Happy Birthday Lula!!
2. I recognize that bunny mug!!
3. Your mini cake looks amazing (growl)
4. Do you not LOVE your Beaba?! I had so much fun making food for Calder. I actually still use it as a mini food processor when I don't feel like hauling out the big guy.

Kat said...

I thought you might recognize that bunny mug! I do love it and Lu loves it too. She prefers most of her food made from it, She only likes a few things out of the jar or pouch!
Thanks Sarah!