March 9, 2011

Let’s Make Meat!


       We just  found out about this from an article in the paper this morning. 12 months of curing, salting, smoking and general meat tricks following Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing by Michael Ruhlman as a textbook. One new technique a month! This could not only satisfy one of my 30x30 challenges, 8. Learn a new technique/skill, but it is also something that will  hopefully be delicious.

         Making our own bacon? That project on its own could take up a whole year! Add on prosciutto and corned beef and we were sold.   Scott and I are super excited to have a new project to work on together. We are a little behind and plan on catching up when we can. We have already missed a few challenges…

January Challenge is Duck Prosciutto.

February Challenge. The Salt Cure.

the Apprentice Challenge, make some fresh bacon. It can be pork, lamb, goat belly – whatever floats your boat. For now, we’re not asking you to smoke the bacon, simply to cure and roast. Fresh Bacon. You’re going to love it.

Are you in for the Charcutiere Challenge? Ready to bring it? You’re going to make pancetta. Or guanciale. There is no need to limit yourself to pork, check out this inspiring take on lamb prosciutto.

march challenge. brining. 

For the Apprentice Challenge, we want you to brine a whole chicken or pork chops.

For the Charcutiere Challenge, we want you to brine, and then corn, a piece of beef. Brisket is the classic cut. Cow tongue is another option. You choose.

     Scott will be more than happy to make his own  corned beef brisket and I can’t wait to try making our own bacon. We just need to solve that pesky problem of where to hang our duck prosciutto and we will be in business. If you want to join in check out the plan at Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen, or just click on the Charcutepalooza button on my homepage. 


                                                                   Let’s make meat!

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