February 10, 2011

2. Visit at least 4 local museums/art centers or galleries. Virginia Museum of Fine Art, The Chrysler, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, The Anderson Gallery (if you want to go let me know!)

attempt #1 2011-02-08 015

2/9/2011  - Attempt number one on this task  met with a  little bit of trouble. I was all ready with $2 off admission passes and an address. My Mom and I headed over to the Contemporary Arts Center here in Virginia Beach for my birthday only to find that all the galleries were closed because they were opening 2 new exhibits today (2/10/2011). So we took a glance around the tiny photography exhibit that was still open and called it a day. We tried and had a good laugh! After that we headed to Norfolk and wandered around the d’art center for a while. In some good news for the day I might have found the artist that I am going to buy my piece of art from this year. I guess I will just have to go back another day.

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