December 18, 2010

From the Closet of lost Christmas Presents…

We pulled out a golden oldie this week. I gave this stovetop smoker to Scott for Christmas 3 years ago and we have just now gotten around to using it. We decided to stay simple just in case it ended up being a giant smoking shoe box that we would have to throw outside!

dinner 2010-12-16 012

We decided basic smoked chicken breasts would be the easiest and most delicious to try first. Then we had to pick our smoke.

dinner 2010-12-16 005

dinner 2010-12-16 001

The process was much simpler than we expected. Just a few tablespoons of wood chips, a drip pan and our seasoned chicken.

dinner 2010-12-16 01722 minutes later we had perfectly smoked, juicy and delicious chicken for dinner. We will definitely be  using the smoker again!

dinner 2010-12-16 019

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