May 5, 2010

our garden this summer

This spring we built a new garden for our vegetables this summer. We are using the square foot gardening method as our inspiration. Basically you build a box, fill it with a special soil mix, and fit a 1 foot by 1 foot grid over the top to help in the planting and growing process.

garden 040 Our grid is made of  eyehooks and nylon string.  Our main box is 8 ft x 2 ft so we have 16 squares to plant in in the main box and we have 2 separate boxes that are 2 ft x 2ft, each of those have 4 squares to plant in . So all together we have 24 squares to plant in all summer long.

garden 038

Then in each square you plant anywhere  from 1 to 32 plants or seeds all depending on the item you are planting. We planted 3 types of radishes ( 16 per square), turnips( 9 per square) , 2 types of carrots( 16 per square)  scallions ( 16 per square) and strawberries( 1 per square)  in the 2 smaller boxes.

garden 039This picture is from 2 weeks after planting the seeds  garden 006

  This is from last weekend ( about 4 weeks after planting). We have had some super warm weather lately and everything has been growing  like crazy garden 042 garden 041garden 043 In the large box we planted 2 kinds of cucumbers ( 2 per square), asparagus beans ( 4 per square), Sweet corn ( 4 per square), Cilantro ( 1 per square), Sugar Baby Watermelon  (1 plant in 2 squares), Parsley ( 2 per square), and Soybeans (5 per square), all from seed. And my precious little seedlings got planted next.   JalapeƱo ( 1 per square), Summer Sweet Peppers ( 1 per square), Celeriac Root ( 2 per square), Baby Belle Peppers ( 1 per square), 4th of July Slicer Tomatoes ( 1 per square), San Marzano Tomatoes ( 1 per square), and last but not least Pineapple Tomatillos ( 1 per square).

garden 004

And today our plants are growing even more. We will be building a trellis out of electrical conduit and nylon netting soon for those cucumbers and tomatoes to grow on.




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