April 23, 2010

apologies for staying away so long …..

I realized recently that the last post was of our honeymoon…. in December. We have been very busy lately and somehow I have completely abandoned keeping  track of it all.

We played in the snow for a few days in January and then  again in February.

new 068 new 063    

This winter we put down new flooring downstairs and discovered that an ingenious young painter had been working in our home before we bought it…    new 027   new 030 new 031 

Yes, that is our floor, Romeo must have thought it was the perfect spot to stake his claim , right under our carpet. Thanks to a a day or so of hard work and my Dad we have a new floor and no more carpet downstairs!!!

Last year we had such great success with our garden I wanted to try to make it even larger and more productive so we enlisted the help of a friend and built a new raised garden for our yard.

garden 015 garden 010   garden 013 

…and finally to wrap up the past few months…

We have been working on another very special project that won’t be done for a few more months. We will keep you all  updated on how things are going. Here is a little peek into what we  will be looking forward to around Halloween this year.

baby 004 baby 005 baby 006

We are very excited and can’t wait to meet this little one!

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SK said...

Kat, I randomly decided to check your blog tonight and can't believe your news!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you're not feeling too sick and are able to indulge your cravings soon:) Enjoy every moment!! CONGRATS!!!!!