November 3, 2009

shower recipe # 3

ok so this is sort of a shower recipe. We were given an ice cream maker for the shower and I thought we could make some ice cream to test out some thanksgiving flavors.

First up was a chocolate truffle ice cream…

dinner 009 It starts out simple enough sugar and egg yolks creamed together and milk heated to a simmer then combine the too and heat back up to a simmer to make the custard. Then comes the super chocolate…

dinner 010 6 ounces of bittersweet chocolate and 1 1/2 cups of simmering cream. Stir until smooth and combine with the custard then put into the fridge until it is chilled.

Next up was maple ice cream. this one starts out with just maple syrup, egg yolks and a little bit of flour. dinner 013 Cream the egg yolks, maple syrup and flour and heat the milk to a simmer, combine and reheat to a simmer to create the custard. Let the custard cool a little then stir in the cream and put it in the fridge until it is chilled.

dinner 014  The next morning I started up the ice cream machine and got things going. In the end we have 2 quarts of homemade ice cream. The chocolate truffle ice cream is like dark chocolate overload, it is really dense and delicious. The maple is good too, it definitely tastes like maple ice cream I think the next time we make it I will add something in with it.

dinner 016

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