August 8, 2009

48 days and counting…

Today we met with Brian ( the guy who is performing  our ceremony) at the church to run through the ceremony details. Friday, I had my final fitting for my gown and my sister has finished the cake topper.

I am starting to feel like things are falling into place more and more everyday. When we got home I went upstairs to check out what we still need for the kids corner. saturday 028 

The  last  thing we are going to add is a few disposable cameras and a scavenger hunt for some if the older kids to find and take pictures of. Other than that I think the glow sticks, hula hoops, pinwheels and tiaras will keep everyone busy.       

The next big things is the package that arrived Friday night. I’ve got a riddle for you…

saturday 006saturday 015    

What do you get when you mix 50 glass vases of varying sizes, 100 pair of pink flip flops, 1000 yards of ribbon and 2400 sheets of colored tissue paper?

Answer to come soon!!!