July 10, 2009

Meyer lemons, key limes, tomatoes and sweet peppers, oh my

    garden 013garden 003 Our Meyer lemon tree has really started to grow recently and we couldn’t be more excited. We started off with what basically looked like a twig in dirt with a few leaves. Now only a few months later we have the beginnings of a little tree complete with clusters of buds!garden 004The key lime is doing well, it took off in the beginning and now it has slowed down a bit. It is definitely more than a twig in the dirt, but no buds yet.  The key lime is a bit younger than the lemon, so we can give it a bit more time before a stern talking to about its progress.

garden 005  garden 006

Our tomato plants are almost out of control. We just can;t seem to keep up with all the new deliciously ripe little guys that spring up everyday. These are just the ones that I picked when I got home from work today. I noticed today that we also have our first few little tomatoes on our yellow pear plant (as if we didn’t have enough tomatoes already). garden 001

garden 002garden 007

Last but not least this week we also noticed that the first little pepper has sprung up on our baby sweet pepper plant.  It seems that we might have a few more of these than we expected as well. I am super excited about this little guy because I started this plant from a seed and he went from a soggy  peat ball to a mini little sprout and now it looks like he will be producing some beautiful peppers. garden 012This is the first time I have grown anything from a seed and I got a little scared by all the warnings about how picky and temperamental seedlings could be. The first group I started (sweet peas) did really well and eventually this little sweet pepper made its way.

   Next year’s garden is already being planned and there are going to be some big changes… we are digging a “real” garden including a stacked box in the back for easy access. Container gardening is great and worked beautifully for us this summer so I’m sure that we will have a few containers here and there as well.  I am looking forward to trying out pineapple tomatillos, edible flowers, soybeans, and possibly some onions and garlic next summer and I will definitely be raising a lot more plants from seed!