May 18, 2009

Weekend update….

garden 004

This past Thursday Scott had 3 of his wisdom teeth removed. So he sat around with ice packs on his face all afternoon Thursday and all day Friday. He also began a study in what kinds of soft foods were ok for someone in his condition.  And the results were…

    Mac and Cheese, good. Scrambled eggs, good. Smoothie, good. Beef-a-roni, edible but unfit for consumption. Wedding cake samples, good. Carolina BBQ no bun, very very bad.

I’m not sure what inspired the last selection but vinegar based sauce and open wounds in the back of your mouth are not a good match. Saturday morning I got up early and went out to check on the garden and found  our first real harvest. Some beautiful baby squash and a few radishes.

garden 019Then Saturday Scott and I helped my parents pack up the house they are moving out of. We lived in the house for 22 years, and now my parents are finishing their dream house in the middle of nowhere complete with donkeys, goats, horses and the most recent addition…chickens! In the process we found a lot of things that we had all forgotten about, toys, books, kindergarten art, clothes ( the things parents let their kids wear in the 80’s, hot pink biker shorts with a checkerboard stripe and a white  t-shirt.) and various kitchen items including a fantastic old juicer. Sunday morning I had a wonderful glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

  garden 017

Sunday we headed back to my parents to pack up a little more and to have a few wedding related meetings. One to sign a contract with our photographer and the other to have a cake tasting at the bakery we want to make our cake. the cake was dreamy and sweet and moist. We were more than excited. We did manage to save a little bit to try the next day just to make sure we picked the best option.

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