May 20, 2009

latest project…

It has been a little while since I put my hard earned college educated skills to use so recently I started a new series of embroideries. 

garden 014

These little guys have been traveling around in my sketch books and pinned to cork boards a for a few years now and I just recently decided the best way to work with them.

latest project 003

The first few I am going to try in a fairly small format, around 5x7 and then I will see what happens after that.

latest project 004

I really want to keep them as linear as possible so I am just going to leave them an outline for now. I will beef up those lines a bit after I really decide how to show them off the best.   latest project 011

As of now I still think they are maintaining the qualities that I want. Currently I have taken a mini-break from them, I hope to pick them up this weekend while lounging by the pool. Hopefully I will have some more to show soon….

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