April 28, 2009

Our little Garden Week 3

garden 001 garden 002 garden 003 garden 004

Our little garden has grown so much over the past two weeks. Our new additions, a strawberry hanging pot and tomato hanging pot, have done very well and seem to be very comfortable with us.

garden 005

The bok choy and lettuce have enjoyed the recent weather and we had a little of our butter crunch lettuce with dinner on Saturday.

garden 006 garden 007

The sweet peas, radishes, and nasturtium have all sprouted quickly and Hopefully we will see some more movement this week.

garden 010

This is our newest addition to the garden. He has a little way to go… he is currently inside taking shelter under our lime tree until he gets a few more leaves and can be potted outside in his new home. I hope he provides us with some delicious sweet peppers this summer. I am fiercely protective of this little guy. He is the one out of 8 pepper seedlings that actually did anything beyond soaking up water and looking like a bag of dirt. Wish him luck and good growing hopefully I will have a picture of him in his new home soon.

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