November 12, 2008

Tonight Dinner Was.....

A big heaping vat of Brunswick stew. I have never been able to describe Brunswick stew it was always just something that we ate at home growing up. Silly me I just thought that everyone knew about those huge cast iron pots full of tasty and comforting goodness.  So to try and educate myself in order to educate others on the intricacies of Brunswick stew I began crawling websites..... Here is what I found.

General Map of North Carolina and Major Cities Nearby

As I learned from J.J.Wonders there is a fairly heated debate about where Brunswick Stew was created, Virginia, North Carolina or Georgia. All three states have a county or town whose name is Brunswick. I remember my dad helping out at fall school fundraisers stirring a huge pot of stew and doling it out in quart containers. No matter where it started I have to say that I am definitely grateful that the recipe no longer calls for squirrel as a main ingredient! In the end whether it comes from a can, Georgia or a little tiny church fundraiser on the side of the road, it still makes me feel like fall has arrived. Just for fun here is a recipe to try.

The store bought version that I remember the most is Mrs. Fearnows.  That yellow can was always near the bottom shelf but the best version to take home, empty out into a pot and doctor up on your own. Enjoy.



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