October 20, 2008

To be home alone with my oven...

Today Is my first day home alone since getting back from Georgia and I wanted to try making these mini pies that I say on Bakerella and Not Martha. I wanted to try my hand at tiny cherry pies!!!pie day 011

Unfortunately my very tiny cupcake pan has been "misplaced", so I made slightly larger tiny pies in my regular cupcake pan. I used cherry pie filling because of a lack of fresh cherries. I added a little almond and vanilla extract, lemon and orange zest and a sprinkle of lemon juice to the filling. Here are the results...

pie day 005

I was super excited with the end results and got to thinking about the upcoming holiday season and I thought I would try my hand at some pie of the pumpkin persuasion. I used a basic pumpkin pie filling recipe and added freshly ground nutmeg to the mix along with a touch of maple syrup.

pie day 007

I think my next try will be pecan and then maybe caramel. I have to admit that pumpkin is one of my favorites and I just couldn't resist trying one! Thank you again to Bakerella and Not Martha for opening my eyes to the wonders of tiny pies!

pie day 009

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Bakerella said...

I think they are fabulous. Love the pumpkin twist. I've made mini pecan pies before, but not this mini. Maybe I will, too!