October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Day

pumpkin day 007

Yesterday was my first full day at home and Scott and I went to get pumpkins at Hunt Club Farm. It was breezy and cool. Everyone was wearing sweatshirts, coats and bundling up in general. All in all I'd say it was the perfect pumpkin picking day minus the little bits of rain.

pumpkin day 010

We were having a hard time choosing the perfect pumpkins for our porch until we had a little visitor stop by to help!

pumpkin day 005

After a long hard search we found the best tall skinny pumpkin, the best round pumpkin and the best small sweet pumpkin along with a few little tiny pumpkins. And we were off on our merry little way to the pumpkin pick up.

pumpkin day 009

pumpkin day 012

I am proud to say that all of our pumpkins made it home safe a sound without any missing chunks and are taking up residence on the font porch. Although a few little pumpkins snuck in last night and I found them on top of the buffet this morning all huddled up together.

pumpkin day 019


KATLIN said...

I always get nostalgic when I see the little pumpkins at the grocery stores this time of year. Reminds me of when we used to get them in elementary school and keep them on our desk!

Kat said...

Fall is my favorite season and it always reminds me of being little and having family around!!

Alice said...

oh such a cute little pumpkin post :)
and the rabbit, so sweet :)

thanks for reading my blog !!