October 8, 2008

MS walk 2008


Sunday , September 28th, Scott and I along with some fantastic family and friends participated in our first MS walk in Virginia Beach. Our team , The Argyle Socks, really got into the spirit and everyone had on some great argyle. Next year we are thinking a head to toe argyle theme!


   One of the nicer pit-stops on the walk. At the beginning of the walk everyone participating was given an orange ribbon to tie around their wrist. We were later told to think of what our wish was in the fight against MS. After we had decided upon our wish we could stop and tie that ribbon around one of the wish poles on our walk.  It was encouraging to see all those wished tied to the poles. We stopped later on in the walk to tie our ribbons on because the other poles were all full. All in all the day was a wonderful success.  Great weather good friends all supporting a good cause.

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