September 7, 2008

Today Feels Like an Orange Day...

Today is day 7 in the hotel and this morning I started out on my journey to Target to get provisions for the week and a little bit of time out of the hotel. The whole time everything that caught my eye was orange. I thought I might find a few more orange things.

The first recorded use of orange as a colour name in English was in 1512,[1] in the court of King Henry VIII.

Image:Ambersweet oranges.jpg

Psychics who claim to be able to observe the aura with their third eye report that an orange aura is associated with intellectual ambition or stubbornness

Charles Nolan Fall 2008

  • Orange is often quoted (along with Purple and Silver) as a word that doesn't rhyme with any other word in the English language. This is debatable - see Orange (word)#Rhyme. However, the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary does show both these words as having half-rhymes (such as lozenge with orange and salver with silver).
    In a children's book of verse, in a poem titled "Color," there are these lines:
What is red? a poppy's red, in its barley bed.
What is orange? Why, an orange--just an orange!

Chris Benz Fall 2008.

The colour is named after the orange fruit, introduced to Europe via the Indo-European word nāranja. Before this was introduced to the English-speaking world, the colour was referred to (in Old English) as geoluhread, which translates into Modern English as yellow-red.

Halston Fall 2008

anything else you could want to know about orange

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