September 15, 2008

Book Club

          Sometimes all I want is to be a part of a book club. Then I start to think about it and realize that I really just want to read a book then find someone else who has randomly and unexpectedly read the same book a few weeks ago. It just seems to make the whole experience a little less forced and much, much more exciting.  That moment when both people realize that there is someone else out there that is reading the same words that you are, forming their own opinion about it, seems like electricity.  Foreign, familiar and  a bit scary. How dare you read the same book I did and all in the same thought, what did you think when.... can you believe that ..... the best part was.... getting caught up in it all.

   I wonder what the statistical likely hood of 6 or 7 people in a  random readers book club reading the same book  is. I think it might be worth a try.  Maybe there couple a few ground rules for the choices.  What do you think?

          Random Readers Club

Rule #1

     There must be one unifying theme in all selections, drawn at random out of a hat (any style available). The themes will be submitted at the beginning of each random meeting by all members present.

Rule #2

      Themes may consist of anything and everything and the books may be of any length and any type as long as they pertain to the theme.


       Food and Libations will be provided by and for the members present at a location and in whatever manner is decided upon in the previous meeting.


     Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to in anyway they wish. (pictures, emails,webcams, posts, letters...)


     Join and read!


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