Our Little Lula

We have finally come up with a solution for the how to document our little Lula's adventures as she gets older. We are putting her adventures together into a comic book about her alter egos fox and bunny. Stay tuned for more!



Each week we took a picture of Lula on a different fabric background to watch her grow. All inspired by the lovely folks at YoungHouseLove , also found here on pintrest. Our last picture was taken on a quilt that I made inspired by this quilt using the pattern found  here on pintrest. We were a little worried in the beginning that  we would have a hard time keeping up with the weekly schedule with both of us working and adjusting to having a newborn around. In the end we loved taking these pictures and really looked forward to taking them every week. We put them all together into a book and we plan on giving Lula a copy of the book and her quilt as well as letters and magazines from her first year on her 18th birthday.We also included the weekly updates that I wrote every week for her to look back on.

Here is our last photo.
We took this photo on the quilt I made out of all of Lula's weekly fabrics.

and here she is from the very beginning!

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